When does a Surrogacy end?

As I am struggling with my own transition from Surrogacy World to Parenthood,
I have finally had the time to check up on other people's progress and blog's.

A post I saw today hits home.

A surrogate wrote her opinion on a comment she read on another blog. The surrogates post
can be read at: http://bumpfairy.wordpress.com/.

On the first blog an IP more or less wrote "it was a business deal
for me and now I am moving on with my life." That is my short summary of 4 paragraphs.

These points have lead my to some questions. They are:

After the birth of the baby what is the role of the Surrogacy?

When does a surrogacy end?

What is the proper way to end a Surrogacy?

How do you successfully transition into the next phase of life for everyone once the surrogacy is over?

I don't know the answer on "when does a surrogacy end" and it's seems to be a major problem time and time again.

In the simplest way, I saw the experience as - we needed a team to accomplish a project.

This project was multi-faceted and required many experts in the fields to complete. We saw specialist in multiple countries, IVF doctors, nurses, lawyers, and a surrogate.

Everyone brought their specialty to the team.

In the spirit of teamwork everyone worked together.

Some teammates made a brief appearance, some cheered from the side lines, and one did the heavy lifting for 9 months.

Our surrogate was the All-star of the team that made everything possible.

Everyone else on the team (including me) was there to support the star and make sure that she had everything that she needed to do her best at every moment.

Only through this teamwork were we able to win and achieve our mutual goal and objective.

That success now brings changes to everyone's lives.

As a brand new parent my obsession has gone from the Surrogacy to being a parent.

I have a new boss. A new star. And she is very demanding.

Our surrogate is no longer a surrogate - but an experienced former surrogate.

We are no longer intended parents, but parents.

Change happens fast and my head is spinning, but I am trying to keep up and make the proper adjustments.

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Cyn said...

Found it-good questions. The answers are as varied as surrogacy experiences. I will share my thoughts with you this evening.