A Guys Thoughts On Surrogacy.

I'm looking all over the Internet for "A guys thoughts on Surrogacy" and I can't find anything.

Clearly, we are a bunch of deep thinkers and sharers.

When I say I can't find anything - I mean nothing.

To clarify, I am looking for someone with a story like mine.

Heterosexual male, Intended Parent, now ex-intended parent. Who went through the Surrogacy process.

I can find Surrogates Stories everywhere. Gay couples with two Intended Fathers, Lawyers, Doctors, and psychologists that have worked with Intended Parents, and Intended Mother stories. Even a few articles about the surrogates husband and how supportive he is - to her journey.

But, not a single story that I relate to and go - that's me - that's what I went through.

I find it odd that one of the main players in third party reproduction has absolutely no voice.

Half of the DNA comes from us. At least usually. And we have nothing of importance to say.

We are just a silent support person? Amazed by the whole situation?

Where else in life do guys spend a boat load of money and shut-up about it? Anywhere?

If you know of any books or websites written about Surrogacy from a guys perspective post a Link in the comment section.


Cyn said...

You are correct. It's a sorely underrepresented group. My IF had started a blog when they initially pursued surrogacy. When things went bad he stopped blogging and took a much more removed and reserved stance. He's still there even after 2 successful twin pregnancies.

Looks like you're entirely on your own, you trendsetter!

IVF Land on Surrogacy World said...

I know how your IF feels. When hell hits you in the face, it's a lot easier to be conservative.

Being a trendsetter means that others follow my lead and take action.

We have none of that going on - so I am more like a crazed loner talking to himself.

Cyn said...

Today. Today your a crazed loner talking to himself. Someday, someday you'll be the trendsetter.

IVF Land on Surrogacy World said...

I'll summarize your attitude.
Have Faith. Expect Miracles.