Will the Surrogate give up the baby?

This is a common question Intended Parents get when they tell people for the first time that they are using a Surrogate.

The media plays up the horror stories.

Surrogate keep Baby - when it happens it's World Wide news.

These cases are usually a Traditional Surrogacy done in a place where Surrogacy is illegal.
Or at least paying the Surrogate is illegal. Therefore, the parents have no standing to protect

Surrogacy Lawyers play up to this fear.

You need to pay us large sums of money to protect your rights as a parent.

Because as a future parent there would be nothing more heart-breaking than to lose your child.

Your hopes and dreams. So near - and then snatched away from you.

When for just a little more money - you could have protected your rights as a parent.

Fear drives the marketplace.

Now I live in California and am interested in specifically our laws in this State. How do they apply to me?

I plan on using a Gestational Carrier - with my DNA.

What does history tell me about my Surrogate keeping the baby?

Know I am naive and slow at times I will admit. And numbers can be hard to figure out
and process.

But, I need to ask why you never hear anyone in California tell you that the one simple fact about California and your rights as Intended Parents.

Not one Agency or Lawyer will tell you this -

NO Gestational Surrogate has EVER fought for parental rights of a Surrogacy Baby born in California and won.

Not one.


That means that in California, the unofficial Surrogacy capitol of the World with more Surrogate births that anywhere else gives the baby to the Intended Parents EVERY TIME.

Surrogates 0%
Intended Parents 100%

If I were a beating man I would like those odds.

This is the only sure thing in a Surrogacy world of uncertainty.

Why doesn't anyone share that information?


Cyn said...

I got nothin'.
Although I didn't know that statistic, I did know that CA is the most surro friendly state around. Yeah, seems like agencies would mention that.

IVF Land on Surrogacy World said...

I know one agency that does.