Surrogacy Chooses You, You Don't Choose it...

Surrogacy Chooses You, You Don't Choose it...

Surrogacy is a necessary evil for some couples.

Nobody wakes up one morning and says "I'm going to find a Surrogate to carry my baby" without years of struggle and thought into the matter.


Finding out that there is NO other option for them.

This is not Plan A.

It's not even Plan B.

It's plan ZZZ.

And even then only because we have to.

After all other options have been explored.

Do we want to?

Hell no!

But, the alternative, life without a child, a family, is unbearable.

At times, it would be so easy to just give up and not have a child.

The thought does cross your mind.

Why can't we just stop?

Why can't we just be happy without a child? Or with the children that you already have in your arms.

Think of all the fun things we could do with the money that we are burning away trying to have a child.

One that we might not get, even with our best efforts.

The desire to procreate is overwhelming.

It's a hammer hitting you in the back of the head every minute.

There is no pill or medical intervention available to stop the pounding.

It's a methodical beating to your head and your heart.

Your heart must pump the desire to every part of your body.

You fell it in your soul. Minute-by-Minute, Second-by-Second.

Women have this ticking time bomb of a biological clock. I believe that men do to.

They just don't share.

And it comes to them much later in life.

When it does come, it's incessant, it's non-stop, and it's painful.

And there is only one cure.

A baby.

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