Lived Experience Of Intended Parents

My Other New Surrogacy Project....

Project Title: What Is The Lived Experience Of Intended Parents During Surrogate Pregnancy And Transition To Parenthood In Relation To The U.S. Healthcare System?

That is a mouth full.

What does it mean?

The term lived experience is used to describe the first-hand accounts and impressions of living as a member of a minority or oppressed group.

In layman's terms -

How does the Healthcare system oppress Intended Parents.

I could go on for days on this subject.

The study is being done by the The University of Texas at Tyler.

The potential benefit of the study is that it will be used to set the guidelines for hospitals around the Country.

As is my nature, I was the first Intended Parent that volunteered to be interviewed. I want the project to start off heading in the right direction.

They are looking for additional Intended Parents that are currently involved in a Surrogacy or have a baby through Surrogacy that is less than one years old. It is only open to Couples that live in the United States.

If you are interested in being involved please contact me for additional information.

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