I Have Found A New Home.

Well here I am moving into my new home. It is located on IVF land on Surrogacy World. Originally, I thought that I would visit for a short time and pick up a baby. Our more likely, have an extended stay as I build a complete family.

Now after a few tries without a child it is clear that I am moving into IVF land for the long haul. From reading other Blogs it seems like the thing to do at a certain point in the IVF struggle.

I am a little concerned about posting a blog about my journey. IVF Land and Surrogacy World is dominated by women and the few men that speak seem to be damaged or at least a little twisted.

I guess the first question that I have is can a man stay a man while talking about his thoughts and feelings? Also, can I really share a man's point of view without creating a backlash from the women who define the experience?

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