Two surro's for us please!

We are expecting to have two surro's on our next journey if we can find the right combination of personalities.

Based on the size of the family we desire and out time frame this was our doctor's suggestion.

Personally, we are big sharers so I don't see it being a secret - just the opposite - I think it is a unique and
special journey that I want to let everyone enjoy. Maybe you have noticed - we will tell you who we are and what we are about - besides do we really have any privacy in the surro world?

Here are a few of our reason's.

We have already been down this road with no success for about 2 years. At this time we have about an 18 month
window to use Christy's eggs and we want 4-5 babies. Any failed cycle takes away 2 months.

At our age in the system we have a 35% chance of a live birth with a fresh transfer. This goes below 10% with a
frozen cycle. With our last tries both of our fresh babies stuck, while none of the frozen stood a chance. Basically,
we have been told that our eggs do not survive the freeze well so we need to use them as fresh.

So for us it really comes down to two surro's for Jon and Christy to have our family be our (DNA) family!!
Based on our eggs we have to move now.

That is the scientific reason and then I have a more personal reason.

Christy and I both had great relationships with our grandparents growing up and I want my children to have that
some opportunity that I had to know their grandparents. My parents are great people and my children will
be very special for them. My children deserve the chance to know them and have a relationship with them.

If we had one baby at a time my children would never get the opportunity to know their grandparents and would miss
out on one of the best relationships they could ever have in their life.

The fact that we want two surro's is a large reason that my number one criteria for our surro's is a high level of emotional intelligence.
Emotional Intelligence describes an ability, capacity, or skill to perceive, assess, and manage the emotions of one's self, of others, and of groups.

With a high level of emotional intelligence my ideal surro can analyze and process the feelings, (in the good and bad times) of herself, her friends, her family and us - and then manage them so that we can all go on a positive rewarding journey together.

Besides, I look at the reward on the other side. I have a large family that could help us with a large family. My mom and Aunt will fight over who gets to take care of the babies. Like they will ever be able to get them away from Christy.

There are so many great things that will come from having my children grow up together. Their friendship will be so special. They each will have their own special story and wonderful person that gave birth to them. I just see tons of positives for my children throughout their life by having two surro's.

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