It's time to name our Surro's...

Now that I have your attention.

I need your help naming our Surro's. Since we don't have them now I need to come up with name's for them. Our future Surro's just doesn't have a good ring to it.

You girls play the baby name game all of the time so you have some practice at this activity. So instead of name that baby - let's name those surro's.

I was thinking of giving them each the name's of a fertility goddess. It seems like a good fit. Below are some examples, but feel free to nominate your own name. Either way be sure and tell us why we should use your names.
Fertility goddess names

The fertility goddesses are the female deities to watch over and promote fertility, pregnancy, and birth in many polytheistic cultures.

List of fertility goddesses and related deities and individuals

* Ajysyt
* Ala
* Ama-arhus
* Aphrodite
* Arianrhod
* Artemis
* Astarte
* Bast
* Bendis
* Brigid
* Cybele
* Epona
* Freyja
* Frigg
* Gefjun
* Hathor
* Haumea
* Heget
* Hera
* Ilithyia
* Inanna
* Ishtar
* Isis
* Ixchel
* Juno
* Macha
* Mami
* Mesenet
* Mylitta
* Nanshe
* Nekhebet
* Ninhursag
* Pi-Hsia-Yuan-Chun
* Pukkeenegak
* Renenutet
* St. Anne
* St. Catherine of Sweden
* St. Margaret the Virgin
* St. Monica
* Serket
* Sophia
* Tawaret
* Tellus
* Tlazolteotl
* Uma
* Venus

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