Am I trying to "Rock the Boat"...

I was asked today if I am trying to "Rock the Boat" now that I have gone through a 
successful surrogacy and things have settled down for us.

The short answer is - 


I will "Rock the Boat" in regards to telling my story in that I will not tip to far to
the extreme sides. I want to have a smooth sailing ship and not one that always leans
to one side -


Gets so lopsided, that it tips over under it's own weight.

A balanced approach, must keep an equilibrium and try to explore and explain
both sides fairly.

This is the only way to sail straight and true.

The feel of the blog shouldn't change. I have made many posts about the unwritten rules of surrogacy and will keep working around those lines.

I don't see things as black, white, and always, but in ever complex levels of grey.

I have been witness to a lot of Surrogacy/IP relationships over the last six years and have thoughts and questions on a multitude of issues.

If anything I am looking for answers as opposed to providing them.


Cyn said...

Well, welcome back daddy! 3 posts in 2 days-it's official-the babymoon is over!
I have never been much of a 'boat rocker' myself. My IM says it's part of what has made me so easy to work with. As a surro it is not my job to tell my IP's how to do anything in regards to their child or family. It is my job to help make things go as smoothly as possible (caring well for the baby is the most obvious way to make things go smoothly-and a no brainer).
As you know, I LOVE to give you my opinion and take on EVERYTHING, so you can feel free to post your questions and I'll do my best to give you 'Cyn's point of view' on it. Or I could start a new blog of my own titled, "Cyn's point of view" and you can be my only commenter/reader.

IVF Land on Surrogacy World said...

I am waiting for your opinion on "when does a surrogacy end." Did you miss that post?

You might have a lonely blog with no comments. I don't play well with others and pretty much stay on my own blog.

It's safer that way. People tend to leave you alone on your own blog.

Cyn said...

What, no hyperlink?

Cyn said...

Are you refering to Pregnancy or Baby? I need an entry title to locate the post I neglected to give you my thoughts on.
Have I ever mentioned how much I hate the format of your blog? It is very hard to read old entries. :)

IVF Land on Surrogacy World said...

In the lower right hand side I have the archive. Isn't that enough for you?

Cyn said...

Never found it in the lower right side, but I love it in it's new upper right side location!!