Uneducated, Unstable, Financially Drained Uterus Whores.

Things I've learned.


I haven't learned anything, But these are
things that I've Come to Ponder


Why do Military Surrogates continue to talk to the Media?
The current article can be found at:

They have a crack investigative teams go on SMO and find a random post
about how many Surrogates are in the military and find a Surrogate Agency
that is all to happy for some free publicity.

And then the magazine slams military Surrogates.

Why do Surrogates never learn that the media is not their friend?

All they want to do is slam the "Commercial" Surrogate!
(Before this article, I have never heard of this term.)

Why does the media always have the same angles -

1) Surrogates in India are being taken advantage of by greedy foreigners. Are they really?
2) Military Surrogates are being greedy by using their health care? Health care that they have earned.
Is this really greedy and immoral?

All the public comments on the article take the normal stance:
1) Surrogacy is prostitution.
2) Their screwing the government by using taxpayer funded insurance.
3) Stop making designer babies

Then you have women that have been surrogates defending the practice - saying this story has been poorly researched and is a bad representation of the situation.

They are upset that surrogates keep being portrayed as "Uneducated, Unstable, Financially Drained Uterus Whores."


Negativity sells.

Has the media EVER portrayed a surrogate as anything close to an empowered women?
Does anyone have a link to THAT article?

Intended parents are not working with a 19 year old old, homeless runaway, that just got out of
rehab. If you are a desperate women - trying to escape rough times - Surrogacy is not for you.

The media stereotype of a surrogate is not close to reality.

It takes a mentally strong, financially, and emotionally stable women, with a strong support network of
family and friends to be a surrogate.

It is not for the meek.

Empowered women only need apply!

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