Mr. Recipient..........

Things I've learned.


I haven't learned anything, But these are
things that I've Come to Ponder


Here is something that I've never heard of before on Surrogacy World.

I was looking at an Surrogacy agencies website last night and they were
describing a character involved in IVF and Surrogacy that I have never
heard of before this very moment.

I've been living here for a long time and thought I knew everything.

Boy, was I proven wrong.

Here is a quote from the agencies website that had me confused.
Can you tell where I was stumped?

California offers many legal advantages for surrogacy delivery including birth certificates with the recipients’ names as the mother and father. Our recipients come from all over America and all over the world, so distance is never an issue. Recipients are encouraged to keep in touch with their surrogate by phone calls, email, web cam, and several visits whenever possible during the course of pregnancy

What is a recipient?

I thought that is what the Surrogate was called during the transfer.

When the doctor transfer's the embryo's to the surrogate thye are receiving the
embryo's. Thus, they are the recipient.


However, considering that the agency tells us:
the recipients’ names as the mother and father.
Recipients are encouraged to keep in touch with their surrogate

Well that tells me that the Intended Parents are being called "the recipients."

The Recipient. It sounds like your catching a disease?

What a wonderful thing to be called?

I know that was my dream when we started.

I wasn't striving to be a parent.

Or one of the commoners, and be called "Dad."
But, a Recipient. That is a unique and special name.
By the way, that's Mr. Recipient to you.


Cyn said...

See what I heard by 'recipient' was 'purchaser'. On an order form I as the purchaser quite often go down as the recipient.
What a peculiar term for them to use in regards to becoming a parent.

Just wait until the lingo changes everywhere and we know longer hear IF or IM, but rather recipient.
"My recipient's came for the ultrasound."


IVF Land on Surrogacy World said...

Your playing the word game and it gets to be a slippery slope.

I say "Recipent."
You say "Purchaser."
and I hear "buyer"
which leads me to "baby selling."

Cyn said...

Which is precisely why 'recipient' is not a correct term.