Labor of Love or Financial Boost? OR Will Surrogates Never Learn. Part 2

Is the publicity impossible to ignore?

Is there no such thing as bad press?

Once again, a surrogate is talking to the media.

I wrote about this the other day when Military surrogates had an article about
them in Glamour Magazine.

So here we are a few days later and we find out that tomorrow a Military Surrogate
will be on Good Morning America.

The Title of the piece is:

Military Surrogates: Labor of Love or Financial Boost? Some Military Wives Are Making a Living by Carrying Babies for Other Couples

With that title, do you think the reporting will be fair and balanced?


Cyn said...

Uh, sounds doubtful. I can understand a desire to 'spread the word' and try to get positive stories out there, even though that seems to be pretty tough. Here's what I don't get, if you (as a surro)are doing surrogacy in an already 'questionable'/controversial way, (military, in a state where it's illegal to get comp and you talk about your comp), WHY do they think talking with the media is going to be a good thing?
I haven't watched much of what's been in the media regarding surrogacy in the last year, but the title sort of says it all.
Why is it that other people can earn a living while doing something that makes them feel good or rewarded, but a surrogate can't possibly be paid AND be doing something that they find emotionally rewarding?

IVF Land on Surrogacy World said...

Because women need to be protected from their own decisions.

You might regret it later.

Cyn said...

Why do we not govern women's relationship choices then? Every day hundreds of women make decisions in regards to relationships that they absolutely regret later, but we don't go around policing those activities! Isn't that the point of being treated as an adult? We are responsible for the outcome of our decisions, good or bad and nobody is responsible for those choices once we are 18. I could understand if we were talking about underage surrogates, but seriously, we are ADULTS!