The End is Near......

Today, we saw the Doctor and there are some twist and turns.

Literally, a 180 degree turn.

We are now back to being a breech baby.
Feet down and head up.

Who would of thought that the child would be difficult?

The bottom line is that she could come any day, but we
have been given our expiration date.

A C-section is scheduled for September 2nd.

If she turns again by then - the plan is to skip the C-section and
induce labor in which case a September 3rd date is planned.

The crazy disturbing fact that I didn't like about our meeting with the doctor today is that this
is the first stage in the whole process that the doctor can not give me a percentage of probability.

I can't function without odds.

This is really frustrating for me.

I mean - how hard is it to say that she has a 5% chance of coming today and then a 6% chance tomorrow ramping up to a 90% chance of being here September 2nd.

Instead, we are told "she will come when she comes."

Where is the science in that answer?

For now, the end is almost near, and a new beginning is about to happen.

It will finally be time for our baby to join our family.


Cyn said...

And when she comes all odds go out the window. Welcome to 'winging it'.
And yes, I fully expected her to not play by YOUR rules.
Enjoy the wait!

IVF Land on Surrogacy World said...

I will say that the doctor had something to upset everyone about.

Christy wanted a C-section today. Our surrogate wanted a C-section never.

And I wanted a percentage breakdown of C-section vs. VBAC by day of the week.

Everyone went home a unhappy.

Cyn said...

Today would've been a good day-it's the twins' 4th birthday. I never would've forgotten ATA's birthday that way. I guess now you'll just have to hold out for Sept 26.
Man I can't wait to see how smitten you are!