Today is the day.... and then it's not......

Today was going to be the day for a few minutes.

The Dr. offered to do a C-section yesterday which to us all by surprise.
And we passed on the offer.

Today our surrogate was open to the idea -
we called the Dr. to take him up on the offer and he said "no."

"Nothing is going to happen until the next appointment."

Which is next Tuesday.

At which point, I am sure that he will tell us - we are scheduled for Thursday or Friday let's
go with that appointment.

So it's on for September.


Cyn said...

Holy crap! She could've been born yesterday?!! September is not such a bad birth month.

IVF Land on Surrogacy World said...

It could have been born yesterday or today. But, it was just a tease.

I am holding out for a September date, but who knows.

Christy said...

Knowing she is in danger doesn't get easier even after all the times she has run us through the danger drill........ :(

Cyn said...

I didn't realize she was in danger. :( Surely delivery is the right course if that is the case.