Our hearts are tethered through the heavens....

The topic comes up -

How do the Intended Parents bond with the child when it is being carried by someone else
so far away from them.

I think that this is such a silly question.

The soul burns the connection into the parents and child even before conception and it grows from there regardless of time or distance.

We see the earliest 4D pictures of our child and I am told "she looks like you".

I in turn see my parents.

And Grand Parents.

And Great Grand Parents.

After that my memory of seeing family pictures fades, but I can clearly see the fifth generation of my family under construction from her very first photo. At 15 weeks old.

The connection is clear and it is strong.

I've known her for generations.

Generations of history - passed on to the newest family member.

There is no rational explanation of how this connection develops, but it is there instantly.

You find it told over and over again through stories of twins separated at birth.


Through countless stories throughout history were a son is born, and his father is killed before the child even had a chance to know him. Yet, the son burns with desire to avenge his father's death decades later.

To me, a few things are undeniable:

Our souls have already meet - The three of us are united -
We have briefly been separated on earth -
But time and distance mean nothing -
Every second - We are sharing the same blood -
Our connection is eternal - A man, A woman, A baby -
The core purpose, perfection, and fulfillment of our life -
The essence of philosophy, religion, spirituality, and psychology -
Are all based on establishing this timeless relationship -
A bond - that has no beginning - And no ending -
Our hearts are tethered through the heavens -
And we are one.

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