To finish, conclude, arrange, and otherwise get things done........

We are reaching the last month of our Surrogacy. Our countdown is changing from months and weeks to days.

Our due date is still Sept. 7th. A mere 36 days away.

Our baby is in the 90-95th percentile so there is a good chance she will race to the finish line and arrive

That means that this segment of our life will be completed.

We will have concluded and finished our - let's have a child through ivf and surrogacy - phase of our life.

In the beginning we though - "It will be so easy."

Look - we can pick the birth date of our child based on when we do the transfer.
"What month do we want to have our baby born in."

We were so naive then and so experienced now.

Not necessarily better for the wear and tear. But, wiser.

Are we ready to exit one world and enter the next? That is up for debate.

My answer is no - I will never be ready - But there's no backing out now - so let's
make the best of it.

I read a quote recently, that might not describe us directly, but sums up how I feel at the moment.

If you know Myers-Briggs, I'm a P (for Perceiver), which means I'm adaptable, open, creative, but not so good at finishing.

If you know ADD, well, that's me; I get distracted.

If you know perfectionism, you know why my P and my ADD drive me crazy:

I NEED it to be right, but I often can't find the discipline to get it just so.

Then there is Christy.

She's a J (for Judger) which is the exact opposite of a Perceiver; J's love/live to finish, conclude, order, arrange, and otherwise get things done.
And that's why I call Christy a bully..........


It's also why everything will be ok for our baby.
She has a mother that will make sure that we are prepared.

Through her desires and efforts we are ready for the last step.

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Cyn said...

I just love compatible relationships!
Seriously, the things that drive me the craziest about my husband are the things that help to balance us as parents. Be warned though, those same traits my children have and I'm finding it increasingly difficult to find the 'joy' in their traits that differ from my own.
Any guesses as to the role I play in my marriage?