Soft in the Head.......

No, to your surprise, I am not talking about my readers.

We are subscribed to a weekly update from and that is the headline of their email
and how they describe our child and her current stage of development.

And you think that my writing style is fiesty.

On the positive side - it says that our babies brain is growing at an amazing pace.

I think that we have learned today - that while her skull might be soft - her skin is tough.

Well, I am sure that her mother will say that she has soft skin.

So she will need to take after her father - to become hard headed and tough skinned over time.

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Cyn said...

Skin is a funny thing. My kids both use the same products, but my daughter's skin has always had a smoother, softer feel. She probably will have soft skin and I'm sure she'll become incredibly thick skinned, as a non-Californian and all!