Inspire, Challenge, Enable, and Encourage.........

These are the goals I have for myself and this blog. Can and will my posts here inspire, challenge, enable, and encourage others through their Surrogacy journey, all while I haul through my own endeavor.

If you read my last Melancholy post - it sure isn't inspiring , enabling, or encouraging. Though it is challenging.
Challenging at least to me - not others.

This is like many things in life - where fear and doubt of the outcome - is worse then the outcome itself.

I do believe that this is one of those cases.

As a leader, how do you inspire and encourage others - when you are deep into a personally challenging struggle? How do you enable others to make the right decision - when your second guessing your own?

That is my true challenge of the days, weeks, and month ahead.


Cyn said...

By putting it out there and letting others come up with their own opinion. Your honesty challenges our own opinions. Not always will I agree, but you've given me a new perspective to evaluate my own circumstance with.
Never should anyone blindly follow someone else's thoughts. We have to balance them with our own and try to find what is right for us each individually. It's a blog for goodness sakes! I would hope that nobody is treating it as the "only way guide".
But consider how much richer someone's ideas will be as a result of your 2 cents.
Must now go back and reread the 'melancholy'.
I personally think

IVF Land on Surrogacy World said...

By the look of the last line of your comment, it appears that your thoughts are pretty much blank and empty.

If I can't fill that empty space up with my own "right way of thinking" then something surely must be wrong.

Cyn said...

I edited my thoughts and didn't realize that was still there. As a testament to how devoted I am to commenting on your blog. I am typing while my screen is blank. My monitor shuts off every 30 seconds or so and I'm left typing in the dark. But for you, it's worth it. Sorry to appeared without personal opinions.

IVF Land on Surrogacy World said...

You don't need opinions. I will tell you what to think. That way we can get along easily.

Cyn said...

Every time I eat fruit, I now think of you!

IVF Land on Surrogacy World said...

It's time for you to be upset. I am feeding another surrogate fruit at this moment.

Plus, chicken and water.

Al while she is laying on the couch.

Cyn said...

Tell her I said hello and she's in a bit of trouble for not emailing me a reminder about her transfer day! Fortunately I have eyes everywhere.