The Teeter Totter Teeters........

We have reached the hardest stage of the process.

For the first time we have not all been in agreement.

Our baby is breech with her foot in the first position.
Ready to kick her way out.

If she does this and dangles her foot out -
she can stangle herself to death.

Fear has set in.

At least with Christy.

She believes that the baby is safer on the outside then on the inside -
so wants her out right away.

Our surrogate wants to wait and see if the baby will flip and go head down
so that she can have a VBAC and not a C-section.

Then there is me -

I am not as convinced of the danger as Christy is, but believe it to be true.

I am most interested in a September birthday.

In most sports leagues the age cut off is August 31st with the new year starting September 1st.

This means that if our baby is born on or before August 31st - she will be the youngest player
in the league.

If she is born on September 1st or after - she will be the oldest player in the league.

They have done worldwide studies on sports and kids born in the first 3 months of their age group
dominate sports until the age of 18 as a group. Roughly, 75% of the Olympic development players from
ANY NATIONAL - AND ANY SPORT - are born in the first 3 months of the age cut off.

With that knowledge, I am fine with a September 1st, 2010 birthday at 12:01am.

All in all, three agendas make it hard to agree.

Of course, my desire for the perfect sports birthday is less important then a healthy baby.
So my desire should have the least priority.

In the meantime, we are on the clock.......waiting.

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Cyn said...

I totally get your point Jon. We induced Ciera on Dec 28, she was born Dec 29 and the cutoff for softball is Dec 31, making her darn near the youngest always. It should be a benefit come her high school year though.
I hadn't realized that there was danger in ATA being breech right now. So sorry you all had to go through the anguish of not knowing.